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Superior Nursery and Garden Center
Looks like Mother Nature has woken up! We are fully stocked with cold hardy, in bloom perennials!

Freeze does not affect hardy plants...if you can dig a hole, you can plant it now.


Spring Retail hours:
Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday & Saturday 8am-6pm
 Sunday 10am-4pm

Boy have we got trees!! 

Here's  the quick list- 

Natchez Crepe Myrtle 
 Tuscarora Crepe Myrtle 
 Dynamite Crepe Myrtle
 October Glory Red Maple 1.5"c
 Legacy Sugar Maple 1.5"
 River Birch Clump 3 stem  10-12ft
 Cherokee Chief Red Dogwood  5-5ft
White Dogwood 6-8'
Sweet Bay Magnolia (Clump) 8-10ft
Sycamore 1 ¾” c.
Yoshino Cherry 1 ½” c.
Golden Weeping Willow 1 1/2"c
 Weeping Willow 1 ½” c.
Purple Leaf Beech 2” c. 
 Shumard Oak 2” 
Tulip Poplar 2"c
Royal Burgandy Cherry 3"c
Willow Oak 2"
Pin Oak 2"
Japanese Snowbell 10-12ft

Paperbark Maple 2.5"
Seven Son Flower 10-12ft
Stewartia 1.5"
Sourwood 15gal
Kentucky Coffeee Tree 15 Gal
Canadian Serviceberry Clump 8-10'
Shadblow Serviceberry Tree form 6-7ft
Shishigashira - Lion's head Japanese Maple
Mitsch Blue deodar cedar 6-7ft
Traveller Texas Redbud 15gal
Black Dragon Cedar 4-4.5ft
Tricolor beech 8-10ft
Limelight  Hydrangea Trees 4-5ft
Variegated English Holly 3-4ft
Nigra compacta oriental spruce 4-5ft
Prunus incisa "Little Twist" 4-5ft
Weeping hemlock 15gal
Fragrant lilac on standard (Tree Form) 4-5ft

& More!!!

Yes we deliver, yes we plant, yes we warranty our plants and installation!

What's the difference between a "nursery" and "garden center"?
Nurseries GROW plants.
Garden Centers BUY plants from nurseries.

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